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Kean Guan Tea Merchants: Est. 1945 ‣ Purveyors of Fine Chinese Tea


Signature Tea

Unveiling a symphony of distinctive flavors, promises a captivating experience, harmonizing unique notes.

Oolong Tea

Elevate your tea experience with rock tea, a unique oolong variety grown in mineral-rich rocky terrain, captivating blend of floral and roasted notes.

Dark Tea 黑茶

Bold and mysterious, dark tea, unfolds a rich tapestry of earthy, aged flavors, providing a profound and warming sipping experience.

White Tea 白茶

Delicate and refined, white tea, offers a subtle and nuanced drinking experience with its light, floral undertones.

Black Tea 红茶

Earthy and energizing, black tea, with its fully oxidized leaves, delivers a robust and malty profile that captivates the palate.

Green Tea 绿茶

Renowned for its fresh and grassy essence, green tea, invigorates the senses with a vibrant and wholesome flavor profile.

Floral Tea 花茶

Cherished for their calming properties and gentle flavors, making them a popular choice for relaxation and enjoyment.

茶 • Nearly 80 years in the TEA business • 茶 Renowned globally as purveyors of premium Chinese and black teas, KEAN GUAN TEA MERCHANTS crafts domestic blends, including beloved house brands like Li Shui Kwei and Chian Li Shiang. Unswervingly committed to the timeless ethos of delivering quality tea at a reasonable price, our legacy continues to steep in excellence.

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Sip to Wellness

Elevate Your Lifestyle with Our Premium Tea Collection

Discover the perfect harmony of flavor and health as you embark on a journey to enjoy tea and embrace a revitalized, wholesome way of living.

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