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Rock Tea

Wuyi rock tea, also known as “rock tea” or “Wuyi tea”, is a kind of semi-fermented Oolong tea, originates from Mount Wuyi at the northeast of Fujian province.

Mount Wuyi is famous for its 36 peaks and 99 crags, with tea being cultivated in each crag. Among the most famous 4 rock teas are the “Big Red Robe”or “Da Hong Pao”, “Iron Monk” or “Tie Luo Han”, “White Rooster” or “Bai Ju Guan” and “Golden Turtle” or “Shui Jin Gui”. Teas that are grown at the center of Crags are of the highest quality, they are called the “Zheng Yan Cha”; while teas grown at the border of Crags are called the “Ban Yan Cha”, they are of second grade quality.

Wuyi tea has a unique taste and aroma where the Chinese called it “Yan Yun” or "the charm of rock", it is to describe the crag floral fragrance. It tastes mellow with outstanding orchid fragrance that is long lasting.