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Classic Da Hong Pao from year 2010 (8g*5pkts)

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Classic Da Hong Pao from year 2010 (8g*5pkts) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Da Hong Pao, also known as the Big Red Robe, is a kind of Wuyi Rock Tea. It is amongst the most famous Chinese tea and is known as the King of Wuyi Rock Tea.

The tea leaves are long, dark, twisted, and present a full and robust aroma. Once infused it shows a beautiful reddish gold and tastes smooth with a mellow flowery flavour and sweetness came about after the fourth brew.

As a Classic Da Hong Pao dated back in year 2010, it went through a medium heat roast, which will be darker in appearance and the 1st brew is most likely stronger with an apparent "roasty" flavour with a hint of sour; and as it subsides, the following brews will then gradually takes full form of this amazing full-bodied King of teas. Enjoy!

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