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KGTea Aged 15 years Liu Bao Black Tea 六堡茶 (300 gms)

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KGTea Aged 15 years Liu Bao Black Tea 六堡茶 (300 gms) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Liu Bao 六堡茶 Dark Tea originates from Zhuang minority region in Guangxi. It’s located in the Southern part of China, bordering Vietnam. It’s mild climate with an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius and about 1500 mm annual rainfall makes it optimal for growing tea. The growing region between 1000-1500 sea level and pollution free. The area grows small tea trees with medium sized leaves.

Though the area produces many kinds of tea, it’s mainly Liu Bao Tea 六堡茶, the region is known for. This tea was produced in the 18th century in the Liu Bao village by wet-piling green tea allowing the leaves to ferment. The villages definitely deserve credit for this, because during the 70s, farmers from the Puer village decided to develop their own wet-piling methodology. This allowed them to create ripe (shou) Pu Erh Teas, which became immensely popular.
Tea addicts not only love this tea for it’s smooth texture. Liu Bao Dark Tea is suitable for long-term storage and time allows the leaves to get a wonderful taste. Green and black tea are great to, but their flavours will get weaker over time. Yet, when you fall for this tea, it’s good to know that it will delight you even more in the future.

Store this tea in a dark place away from direct sun light. Also do not store this tea in places with the presence of any odours, such as in the kitchen. Unlike other teas, Liu Bao Tea some level of air circulation and humidity (<50%) can benefit the further aging of this tea.

Aged Liu Bao Dark Tea, steeps red brown liquor, deliver slightly sweet, nutty and herbal flav

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