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KGTea Zi Xian Tea 紫仙茶 / 水仙茶- (36 teabags X 10gms)

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KGTea Zi Xian Tea 紫仙茶 / 水仙茶- (36 teabags X 10gms) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

"Zi Xian" teabag is a specially selected tea from the "Shui Hsien" species in which originated from "Wuyi" mountain, province of Fujian, China. "Zi Xian" teabag comes with exquisite taste and full of unique aroma where it's formula is produced from our uniquely roasting technique. which was perfected through years of experienced. "Zi Xian" rock tea is rich in aroma and has a full-bodied taste. Once brewed, the orangery red liquor carries a complex depth of richness colour,  giving you a very pleasant taste as well as long enduring after taste,  where many of the tea lovers sought after.
紫仙袋泡茶是选用武夷山岩茶品种,经精工培制和文火慢烤,形成特有的火功及独特的香气。 紫仙的香气酸郁,滋味浓醇清活,生津回甘,虽浓饮不见苦涩。 汤色泽青褐润亮,居有岩茶的上品和香气。 紫仙袋泡茶不但清香甘醇,生津润喉,其功效有强心解痉,利尿,仰制动脉硬化,帮助消化及减肥作用等等,深受消费者的喜爱

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